With over 4,500 sq. feet of private open loft space, two control rooms and attached live rooms, lovely lounges, Bose systems, a 60″ tv, turntables smattered about, and a beautiful open kitchen, we’re equipped to handle just about any showcase or event. Glancing out the windows, we are inspired by the Empire State Building every day — and you and your guests will be too.

FTO artists have utilized our private control & live room to host, for example, a listening party for elect press. We’ve hosted blogger events in the main space, investor showcases with a projector hitting one wall while a band played, live sessions, streaming sessions, label sessions, birthday parties, holiday parties, and so on and so on. We’ve also accommodated our friends and associates for their events too. The best thing is that almost every event on the planet has music playing…and one needn’t look far around here to find some of the best talent.

So don’t be shy We know that our home is a great space for showing off the best of the best. If you’ve got something to show off, or cause to celebrate, let us know and maybe we can work together to do just that.