For Artists


What’s the good of being awesome and not being able to show it off?

FTO artists, as well as guest artists, have utilized our private control & live room to host, for example, a listening party for elect press. We’ve hosted blogger events in the main space, investor showcases with a projector hitting one wall while a band played, live sessions, streaming sessions, label sessions, birthday parties, holiday parties, and so on and so on.

With over 4,500 sq. feet, two control rooms and attached live rooms, lovely lounges, Bose systems, turntables smattered about, and a beautiful open kitchen, we’re equipped to handle just about any showcase or event.

Our FTO artists get the benefit of a dedicated A&R to help, from creation through showcasing! We make sure your music is the best it can be, record it in our 5-star facility with top-flight engineers, and then plan and invite the right folk to such events, to make label intros when your body of work is complete, and to continue showing off just how awesome you are! After all, FTO becomes your partner, a word we don’t take lightly. We invest in each act our love, time, experience and resources — and success is something to hold up high for all the world to see.