Recording Services


Rich Crescenti (engineer)
As an instructor, Rich has taught classes on Basic Signal Flow, Basic Electronics, Session Procedures, Effects Processing, Pro Tools & Advanced Pro Tools, Synchronization & Interfaces, Music Production, Sound For Picture and Surround Sound. I have also taught both the theory and practical class usage of Microphones, The AVID ICON with PT HD, Yamaha O2R, Neve 88R and the SSL 4000G. Workshops include minimal drum miking, drum tuning, Presonus Live Digital console, Analog Tape Alignment and SSL Automation. He has also worked as an assistant engineer on ADR/VO sessions for movies, TV, radio and online content.
Full Client Roster: James “Nyoraku” Schlefer, Wheeler’s Cloud, Colorform, Mitchell Leonard, The Living Kills, Raccoon Fighter, Autumn Walker, Loon, Felony Bebop Club, All In Italy, Bugs In The Dark, UN Rocks, Ambassadors Sing For Peace, Pearl and the Beard, Nigel, Saddat X, Bob Lewis, Jenna Torres, Paul Tabachneck, Ben Jurist, Collie Buddz, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes, Johnny Foreigner, Bear Hands, Late of the Pier, Alexis, and more!
Live Shows: Journey Metro Church, Meatopia.
Movies: Sex And The City, Synechdoche, First Sunday, Just Business, More of Me, Snow Globe, In Bruges, AWAKE, The Mist, First Sunday, Kitt Kittredge, The Nutcracker, The Hook, Starship Dave, Yonkers Joe, Cat City, Five Dollars a Day, Swing Vote, Made of Honor, The Love Guru, The Dark Knight, The Pink Panther 2, Moon Tide, Blood and Bone, Righteous Kill, Miracle at St. Anna, 17 Again, Incendiary, The Box, Taking Chance, 50 Dead Men Walking, Madagascar, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Grudge 3, Orphan, I Love You Beth Cooper, Spread, I Love You Man, Brothers, Tenure, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Stepfather, My Sister’s Keeper, Everybody’s Fine, Corporate Headquarters, Chilled, Drones, The Goods, Public Enemies, Motherhood, The Good Guy, The Bleeding, The Boat that Rocked, Away We Go, Inhale, Georgia O’Keefe, Peacock, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, My Soul to Take, 2012, The Tempest, Coach, A single Man, Park Sharks, Subject I Love you, Megastorm, High School, Dream Girls, Zombieland, Get Low, Precious, Demoted.

TV: Fringe, Damages, LOST, Ugly Betty, Bored to Death, Royal Pains, Law and Order SVU, Everybody Hates Chris, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Americas Next Top Model, NCIS, King of the HIll, The Shield, Chuck, CSI, Rescue Me, Royal Pains, Nurse Jackie, Entourage, amongst others.