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A&R, or Artist & Repetoire, at FTO means: We look for you or you find us. We like each other. We decide to partner-up, where we offer you some kind of melange of free recording, video, design, and showcasing services and you offer up your hard work, focus and talent. Together, we share in the fruits of all of our labor in co-ownership.

Label and publisher intro’s when the works are complete? Yes – we have close, open-door relationships across the industry, across the globe.
For more information, follow the simple steps of sending info, not mp3’s, in an email. Tell us what your current performing situation is all about, if you have some partners like a manager/agent/etc. already, and what you want to achieve in the next year. Then, attach a link to your music.

 Recording Services

Our facility was built by one of the designer’s of Studio A at The Power Station, aka Avatar. So, pretty much, the rooms sound amazing. Our equipment and awesome mics? Check out the list below. Our engineers? Click over on your right. We can have a vocalist in Studio B and the six-piece band in Studio A and the engineer in either control room and everyone can see and hear each other with total isolation. Oh, and we can video/photo document it all.

Those bases covered, we talk about the service in Recording Services too. We’re a private facility. This place becomes your home, your sanctuary, your field to run in with your muse. The energy here is great, and our staff of engineers can help a project from start to finish. We even have a related rehearsal studio just a few blocks away.

Reach out to Dan, our lead engineer and in-house producer to find out more about the rooms and how we service FTO acts and our friends in the biz.

Meanwhile, check out our photo gallery!

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Equipment List

Microphones Description QTY
AKG c414 Stereo Pair - Condenser 2
Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone 2
Wunder CM7 GTS Large Diaphragm Condenser 2
Pearlman TM 250 Large Diaphragm Condenser 1
Neumann m149 Large Diaphragm Condenser 2
Audio Technica 4050 Large Diaphragm Condenser 1
Audio Technica 3035 Large Diaphragm Condenser 1
Blue Bluebird Large Diaphragm Condenser 1
Shure SM7 Cardioid Dynamic 1
AKG 460B Condenser 1
AKG D112 Dynamic 1
Sennheiser MD 421 Dynamic 3
Shure SM 58 Dynamic 3
Shure SM 58 Beta Dynamic 1
Shure SM 57 Dynamic 3
Shure SM 57 Beta Dynamic 1
Sennheiser e602 Dynamic 1
Sennheiser e609 Condenser 1
Shure PG56 Dynamic 3
Shure PG 52 Dynamic 1
Shure PG 81 Dynamic 2
Outboard Description QTY
Prism MLA - 2 Compressor/ Limiter 2
Millenia STT-1 Channel Strip 2
Universal Audio 4-710d Mic Preamps 1
Ursa Major Space Station Reverb Unit 1
AMS Neve 8816 16 Channel Analog Summing 1
Yamaha DM2000 Digital Console 2
Digi Design Digi 002 4 Channel Interface 1
SSL VHD 500 Series Pre Mic Preamps 8
Neve 1073LB 500 Series Pre Mic Preamps 4
Neve 88R 500 Series Pre Mic Preamps 2
Wunder Cobalt 500 Series Pre Mic Preamps 2
Retro Doublewide 500 Series Mono Compressor 1
Warm Audio wa76 Mono Compressor 2
Fredenstein Bento 10 500 Series Module Rack 2
Digidesign 192 io Digiital Audio Interface 1
Allen & Heath Mixer WZ^3 16:2 16 Channel Mixer 1
Studio Monitors Description QTY
Genelec 7070a 12" Subwoofer 2
Genelec 1031a Active Nearfield Monitors 10
Avantone Active Mix Cubes Active Nearfield Monitors 2
KRK Rokit 8 Active Nearfield Monitors 2
Sony MDR 7506 Studio Headphones 10
AKG K240 Studio Headphones 4
Amps Description QTY
Roating List, Subject To Change Various
Instruments Description QTY
Yamaha C7 Grand Piano Black 88 Key 1
Casio CTK-611 61-key 1
Korg Karma 61-Key Work station 1
Pearl Masters Drum Kit 24" Kick 1
18" Floor Tom 1
14 x 5 Snare 1
13" Rack Tom 1
Hardware 1