About Us

Mission Statement
Before all, we’re a music content company. There’s the music. And, there’s also the art of business.

As a company, we strive to ensure that the content quality bar is high and differentiated across the board, no matter if we’re servicing FTO acts or other clients.

We’re one-stop, non-stop creation.

Our Guiding Principles

Music must be created in a loving environment. Really. And, recorded without flaw.
A/V must be of exceptional quality and stimulate – it must be true to the vision by literally presenting a vision.
Editing, coloring and special effects must be clean, synch’d, sharp, smart.
Photos should be sexy, stand-out, meaningful.
Branding never goes away – invent, tie tight, re-invent.
A&R listen closely, pick wisely, then work until it’s right.
Events be a gracious host, and allow our friends and associates to be gracious hosts here too.
Design to standout.

and, most importantly…

realize the synergies across the services we provide
and ultimately create a true art and artist-first business.