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Five To One
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Outfitted with state-of-the-art modular outboard gear and some of New York City’s finest engineers, our private studios are two in number and five star. We mainly find and then partner with emerging acts here, and we make great records.

A full live room holds a band up to six persons, that is when our Grand piano rolls in and out of the room. Our vocal/horn booth is 19′ long. And, our rooms tie together with audio and video for session recording and capture.

This place has history – with greats like Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan – and combining with the old guard, we know how to make some serious noise.



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Differentiated, bright and sharp video, photo and editing services are bubbled up here every single day. Our in-house team numbers five and our extended family of pros almost go on ad infinitum.

Today, music and video are inextricably tied–.just try releasing something without a video! Social media audiences demand more and more. Mobile. Web. Ahhhhh! We burn the midnight oil right with you.

We’ve shot everything .. from band press photos to a new tee-shirt line one of our associates was creating as an outlandish merch line. We’ve done full music videos, and :15 lnstagram content pieces. As far as our storyboards and client goals will go, so too we travel.


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A smart Frenchman once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” We add to that, “A band without a brand is just a hobby.”

There’s a sea of musical talent out there today — anyone with an internet connection is your competition. Consistency and staying on-message wins the day. Album artwork, merch, flyers, cd and vinyl replication, web design, new products, headshots, what-e-ver. Cartoons? We do ’em. Classical art. We got ya. Old school. New school. You get our point…and so will they.



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Okay – so we’re bragging…it’s a beautiful space. The control rooms are huge and luxurious, one bright with a view of the Empire State Building, and one rock ‘n rolled out with gear all over the walls. Our couches are comfy enough to nap on and our full kitchen, two lounges and big open loft feels like a house because it is one — we’re a family around here.

In this ‘private’ house of ours, we host showcases for press, bloggers and biz friends. We party, cook, and play — and we love to host others’ events and showcases.


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